Internship - Quality control of drilled panels

Settore: / Engineering /
Azienda: SCM Group
Data annuncio: 24/02/2020
Sede di lavoro: Rimini
The innovation department of SCM Group is a competence center that carries out research and development of pre-competitive projects through a process of scouting, feasibility and technology transfer to the product development offices of the entire SCM Group.
The general aim of the project is to define a system suitable for controlling the quality of the drilling process.
Project Work Breakdown Structure:
Analysis and sorting of the possible errors/defects;
For each error it must be identified: required precision of measurement, required monitoring frequency, suitable measurement and control systems;
For each measurement and control system it must be defined a possible positioning on the machine.
Training on the operational methods of the innovation department
Training on the types of machines and SCM solutions for processing wooden components.
Analysis of the specific production processes of the panel
Deepening on quality analysis systems
Deepening on vision systems and image analysis
Definition of possible solutions
Design and testing of physical demonstrators
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